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How anti-graffiti vinyl can save local businesses money and hassle

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Local businesses in Portland, Oregon, Vancouver, Washington, and the surrounding metro areas are facing an urgent need to protect their assets and facilities from graffiti and vandalism. Investing in anti-graffiti products like General Formulations (GF) 108 Tedlar® DuPont™ is an effective and cost-saving solution that can help protect businesses from the costly damage and hassle of graffiti removal.

GF 108 made with Tedlar® DuPont™ is a satin clear 1.0 mil transparent PVF film coated with a solvent permanent pressure sensitive adhesive on a 53# liner. This anti-graffiti product is designed to provide extended resistance to UV exposure, color stability, and abrasion resistance. It is also graffiti resistant and easy to clean, with most paint or sprayed on graffiti able to be removed with suitable commercial solvents without damaging the Tedlar® surface.

Using anti-graffiti products can save businesses a considerable amount of money compared to having to repaint or replace graffiti-damaged surfaces. Rather than replacing all of the damaged custom-printed vinyl, the business only has to wipe off the ink or paint that is on the vandalized surface, making it a cost-effective solution for protecting assets and facilities.

Adding this overlaminate to a perforated film allows businesses to have custom signage that adds privacy, marketing visibility, and protection throughout the years. These solutions can be added to windows, advertising displays, buildings, architectural glass and other residential and commercial applications.

Investing in anti-graffiti products is an effective way for local businesses in Portland, Oregon and the surrounding metro areas to protect their assets from costly damage and the hassle of graffiti removal. With the rise in crime and vandalism since the COVID lockdowns, taking the necessary precautions to protect your business with GF 108 Tedlar® DuPont™ is more important than ever.

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